In 2005, we held our first Pastors Conference in Chacala, Nayarit. What started in 2005 with 7 pastors has grown to train almost 400 pastors and their wives with each conference averaging 30-35 couples. Currently, conferences in Chacala are held each April and October.

In 2009, we travelled to Oaxaca and Chiapas to explore new areas where pastors lack training. We were invited to Huixtla and Comaltitlan, Chiapas and have held 2 conferences in 2010 and 2011.


In response to the tsunami in December 2004, we established a partnership with a larger church in Indonesia on the island of Java. This larger church trains young pastors, and sends them throughout Indonesia to plant churches. Our goal has been to continue to offer training and encouragement to those pastors who serve in rural or primitive areas on other islands of Indonesia.