December 25, 2012 Update


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~ Wishes you a very Merry Christmas ~

Matthew 2:11 "Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh."

Dear Family & Friends,

The gifts that the wise men brought to Jesus were expensive.  Like bringing a few iPads or iPhones to a baby, expensive, but thankfully much more meaningful.  Because of Jesus we can come to God without needing to have an expensive gift.  God actually doesn't want us to bring anything but ourselves.  What a relief!  As we sit around this Christmas we reflect on how great a gift God gave us in his Son, and how the only gift we can give God is ourselves.  During this past year we've been blessed to visit with some of you to share about the pastors we're working with in Mexico and elsewhere, and what we've realized through spending time with you is what a gift your friendship is to us.  We've loved having the privilege to find out more about your lives, and how we can pray for you.  You are truly the best gift we can have moving forward.


Your prayers and support are changing the world!

Pastor David and his wife live 3 hours south of Puerto Vallarta.  A major hurricane struck their town last year, and when one of my Mexican leaders and I visited with them in September they were very discouraged.  They had felt called to reach out to an indigenous indian community an hour away from their town, but many of the leaders they had trained had moved away.  They said in September that they were tired of struggling to reach these people.  We invited them to the conference, and they met another pastor from their area who heard about their ministry and has agreed to partner with them.  Pastor David just wrote me yesterday.   He says (translated from Spanish) "Praise God brother for those special people with hearts of servants who came and served us like kings at the conference in October.  We came beaten up and empty of hope, but God filled us up with is never stopping joy and now we are faithfully sharing Jesus with newer communities.  Please greet all of the Americans who were with us and those who help with the conferences (financial supporters) that we know you love us, and we will serve Jesus even more because of you.  God bless you!"  Your gifts matter, they really do.


Know we're thinking of you this Christmas!

Much love,
Chuck & Colleen Edmunds

READY TO GIVE?  If you would like to make a one-time or monthly donation to Global Church Partners here's how: @ OR check written to Global Church Partners (sent to the below address) OR monthly envelopes provided upon request.


NEW BOARD MEMBERS VOTED IN! Thanks to Rob Honer, Bill Robertson, and Gregg Sonken for agreeing to serve on the GCP board as we move forward with new goals and challenges!  Pray for these men won't you?


OPPORTUNITIES!  Wow, we've had 2 huge opportunities land in our lap that would help us establish a new center for conferences and ministry in the north of Mexico and another that would help us catalyze training for pastors and youth leaders in central Mexico.  Please pray for wisdom for us as we sort out these new opportunities, and that we would honor God with the direction He wants for us.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT:  We'll be spending a week in Mexico with our Mexican leadership team in early January.  Pray for us as we meet and strategize new areas of ministry, study together, and share life together.  We're so thankful for these faithful families.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: We're thankful for recent commitments putting us at 20% of our monthly budget. Pray with us as we hope to reach 40% by the end of January.

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November 22, 2012 Update

Welcome to our new email format, hope you enjoy it . . .
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Dear Family and Friends,,

As we gather today to give thanks, we want you to know how THANKFUL we are for each one of you.  This year has been a great blessing to us, as we returned to ministry FULL-TIME working with the pastors we love, while catching up with some of you as we've been building our support team in preparation for our move to Mexico.  We can't express enough how encouraging your notes, prayers and financial commitments have been.  You have kept us charging into the calling that God has given us to serve these pastors.  During the Pastors Conference last month in Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico, we met with both our American and Mexican boards and we realized that we need to make some changes.
Since our first conference in 2005, we've been incredibly blessed to be supported by a small group of donors, who were also the ones who helped us launch into serving pastors in Mexico full-time at the beginning of this year.  Throughout this year, we've used a portion of the funds that we would have preferred to use for additional conferences for our personal living expenses, while raising additional financial support.  What we realized however was that this didn't leave any room for many of you to partner with us.  Therefore, we've asked the foundation that funds the majority of each conference to shorten their commitment to us from 3 years to 6 months so that we can step out in faith and build a larger team of supporters.  If you're thinking to yourself "that's nuts!", we have to admit we had similar thoughts when we first started talking about it, but we really believe this is the best way for us to build a great team of supporters.  Therefore, instead of leaving this January, we'll be ready to leave as soon as we reach 80% of our personal support.  Currently, we are at 12%.  We are praying and hoping to reach this goal and move down to Mexico before the next large pastors conference in Chacala, Nayarit in May of 2013.

Thankful for you this Thanksgiving and looking forward to reporting on our progress over the coming months!

Chuck & Colleen

Would you pray for the following:

- BOARD OF DIRECTORS - We've added 2 additional people to our board, but we're asking 3 more to consider.  Pray for the right team!
- MEXICAN LEADERSHIP - We're meeting with our Mexican board for a week in January.  Pray for great vision discussions, further building of our team, and special time together as families.
- SUPPORTERS - Pray for our growing team of supporters, that we can bless you as we bless the pastors in Mexico.
- HOME - Pray for us regarding what to do with our home in Escondido, we're were thinking of trying to rent it out, but we don't want to hold onto something that we shouldn't.
- PASTORS - Pray for the new group of pastors that came from Colima (south of Puerto Vallarta) to the conference in October, over 70% were new to the conference and have HUGE needs.