Global Church Partners

Training pastors and churches to have 100% of the capacity they need


Equipping couples as teams to teach and lead biblically

Making sure every pastoral couple is equipped with the right tools.

Did you know that 85% of pastors in Mexico (the country in which we have the largest focus) have no theological training?  Do you remember the last time you had to fix something and didn't have the right tools? It probably didn't go well, or at best you had to improvise to make it work. Maybe you used some duct tape or some super glue.

We believe that Jesus established the local church to be the way in which He works to bring Good News, to equip people, to heal, to restore, to build up, and to send. Our mission is to equip every pastoral couple to have 100% of the capacity they need to lead and share the hope of Jesus in their communities.

Our strategy is to equip couples

Whenever possible, we  train the husband and wife in the same material so they can work as a team to equip the church.



An equipped and encouraged pastor and family remain our principal area of focus as we see the benefits multiply into the local church, and from the church, into the community. Since 2005, over 1,300 pastors and spouses have received training in biblical studies, leadership and building healthy marriages.


Youth Ministry Training

Many churches in small towns have no ministry to young people. Our youth ministry training team is composed of youth ministry leaders (the majority of them are 12-23 years old themselves) who train youth to conduct their own youth ministry by teaching basic skills in bible teaching, worship leading, games and group activities as well as social media, communication and administration. Since we launched our first team in 2016, groups from 16 churches have received training and many of them now have thriving youth ministries.



We bring children’s ministry resources and training to churches. In 2014, we asked a Children's Ministry Pastor to train a few churches in Mexico in children's ministry. Thanks to him, we now have 3 years of curriculum in Spanish that can be used by churches here at  a cost of $20/year!



Equipping and training cannot take place where healing is needed first. During our short time living here we have uncovered a vast need of many women to heal from past abuse. Churches need to be equipped to support and bring healing into women. Our goal is to develop a  curriculum that we can train women in each church to use as a tool to help other women heal as an after-care ministry of their church.



At present we only have one working farm using egg-laying chickens for both eggs and meat. Our goal is develop additional sustainable projects to help pastors fill their economic gap so that they can invest more time in ministry.