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An equipped and encouraged pastor and family remain our principal area of focus as we see the benefits multiply into the local church, and from the church, into the community.

Over 1000 pastors and spouses have received training in biblical studies, leadership and building healthy marriages. Typical churches average 50 people meaning that approximately 50,000 people have benefited from the teaching and mentoring of our leadership team.


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To bring children’s ministry resources and training to churches. In 2014, we catalyzed the establishment of GameLife, a children’s ministry that can be multiplied into churches for a cost of $20/year.

As of the summer of 2015, 6 churches currently use GameLife with 380 children participating.


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Most rural pastors and their spouses work full-time jobs in addition to pastoring their churches. Our goal is to help pastors set-up small chicken coops for egg production and/or meat, or other small animal farms which can be maintained behind their house. The production goal is to replace one person's full-time income. 80 chickens producing 60 eggs/day would net $12 profit/day, which is the equivalent of a rural income. This would enable at least one person to focus full-time on ministry.


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Equipping and training cannot take place where healing is needed first. During our short time living here we have uncovered a vast need of many women to heal from past abuse. Churches need to be equipped to support and bring healing into women.

We need $4500 to translate discipleship material for women, and train the initial teams of women who will lead this ministry in their churches.